Video projectors, amplifiers and loudspeakers… For enthusiasts willing to invest in cinematic experiences from the extraordinary realism the fashion of the moment is the home theatre, born in the years ‘ 80 has been constantly developed considering the amazing technological achievements in the field of audio video and Domotics. More and more enthusiasts design real themed reproduction rooms to enjoy their favorite movies, and so here are born various products aimed at guaranteeing high quality audio video levels as well as a compactness and Simplicity of use extraordinary. Among all certainly the most incredible is OSCAR: looking at it looks like a design furniture with high quality finishes (gold, etc.) but inside it hides a high-tech soul, conceived by a group of designers, sound engineers and experts in home automation Milan film enthusiasts. Inside it beats a powerful heart: the Control4 processor, which allows it to be, as well as an amazing home theater, also the central management of all home automation services, from lighting, air conditioning, Alarm, At the opening of the shutters and much more… Oscar is an integrated audio-video Plug and Play system: it only needs to be connected to the home Wi-Fi to operate. Being equipped with components available on the market, it has no warranty or repair issues around the world. Inside it are positionable Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation, Blue Ray. In order to enjoy the freedom of your free time, both playing and seeing your favorite movies. Oscar home cinema can connect in Wi-Fi to all online entertainment services. The audio quality is guaranteed by acoustic speakers made to measure to have a three-dimensional effect immersing itself so completely in the film or in the game in vision. The video quality is guaranteed by an ultrashort-throw projector with a high definition of 4k quality, 120, this guarantees ultra-natural colours, a detail and a flow of movement that has never been tested before. Oscar is always up to date with the state of the art audio video technology. Oscar has a lighting system designed to optimize vision and allow viewers, in case of pauses, to move safely in the room without having to manually turn on the lights. Obviously thanks to the full integration with home automation systems will be possible during the breaks activate your liking any type of appliance is deemed useful, integrated with the systems of Domotics. The furniture’s finishes are of very high quality and of great value. The materials available range from mahogany to marble, to pure gold, to parchment skin, to make it suitable for every situation and every environment. Being completely handmade and made to order, Oscar is completely customizable, thus allowing to integrate it optimally in the environment where you plan to use it. Oscar is fully married both with classical and modern environments and is absolutely recommended also in working environments, especially conference room, thanks to the possibility of integration with DPN screens that will allow meetings to enjoy Any light situation of maximum sharpness and video quality. The ideal house of Oscar is also the suite of a hotel, where it can play the function of small private cinema. Oscar, as you understand, is not only a classic home theater, is candid but is to be a status symbol, for those who want to have something more than a consumer product, but want to possess a distinctive sign of their own being. At the moment of purchase you can choose any quality material: Gold, platinum, mahogany, Mother of pearl. Oscar In addition to the technical quality makes the materials and the total customization of their strengths. The sinuous shape is inspired by a musical instrument, but can also be made more linear, to adapt to a modern and minimalist environment.