The popularity of retail store got increased in the 21st century. As the internet is getting faster than before the e-commerce stores gained a lot of potential customers giving a tough time to the physical stores. The retail market comes up with different strategies to cover the gap and increase sales. Good customer experience is considered to be the main objective of retail stores. Customers do have a lot of choices and facilities that will stick them to the online stores breaking the profits of the retail market. In the world of technology, it is easier to improve the strategy and to keep an eye on the latest trends. To achieve the main objective a retailer needs to give a reason for customers to buy from their shop. To provide a customer friendly environment it is necessary to choose the right technology and improve the overall strategy of your business plan. This article will provide the top tips to engage customers in order to increase sales. Provide Click & Collect Facility: Retail stores need to interact through social platforms to gain potential clients. To provide a good customer experience it is necessary to give them a unique facility. The click and collect service will provide your customers with a facility to select and book their orders online a pick them from your store. Everyone is in a rush these days so this facility will not only allow them to buy the products but will also reduce the time. To implement on click and collect you need to consider the following points Make your online presence and promote your products by storytelling Centralize the retail operations that will allow you to manage the sales, order and customers effectively Give a reason to purchase it from your store by giving promotions. Invest in Equipment & Inventory: To give good customer experience you need to invest in your store inventories. The customers always seek for the products that are in demand. The high demand for products and other pantry items can easily get spoil due to the lack of proper storing. You need to add a double sliding door bottle cooler to store all the liquors and beverages effectively. Shelving is another important part of any retail store. The latest shelves that allow you to store more pantry items will make your work easy. Install Retail Software: In the modern world, technology plays an important part in any business. When it comes to retail stores there are different software that helps a retailer to provide a good customer experience. Your store should provide social media support to get customers. Fix the lengthy queues by adding mPos system. You will also need to install the latest system that can indicate the stock left in your store and the high demand products. Provide Brand Knowledge: By placing multiple screens on different sections of your store will help your customers to know the latest brands and product your store offers. Installing an artificial intelligence system can be a great idea to reduce manpower and improve customer experience. Conclusion: To provide a customer friendly environment it is necessary to choose the right technology and improve the overall strategy of your business plan.