What best to read than a romantic comedy book that has hints of humour. We all enjoy reading funny romance stories that always have a happy ending. Nobody wants to shed a tear over the sad fate of love and everyone likes to see his or her favourite pair of lovers unite in the end. The list below has few titles that have kept their funny side up while telling a romantic story. Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren It focuses on a grad student who is a nerd girl. Surprisingly, she falls for a complete opposite guy who is a classic playboy. Hanna Bergstrom has a crush on Will Summers since childhood. What happens when the two opposite poles are attracted towards each other? Is it just a meeting of childhood friends or something more. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton The book tells the story of an interior designer Caroline who has been single for a while after her date turned dreadful. But what catches her attention is her handsome neighbour Simon Parker, a photographer. His idea of fun is different partners with interesting tastes. Find out what happens when he meets Caroline having a dry humour. Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec A single mother in her twenties, Claire runs into Carter, the guy from the past who changed her life. The funny part is that he does not remember anything about her except her chocolate scent, nor does he have an idea about his four-year-old son. Read on to figure out if they meet in the end to make a happy family together. Tangled by Emma Chase Everything is turned upside down for the eligible bachelor, Drew Evans when his paths cross with the beautiful Katherine Brooks. Just when he thought he knew everything about women, he realises that a lot is yet to be known. Kate not only keeps him distracted but is also a tough competition to him. Just when he is about to get everything he desires, his overconfidence puts a stop to his winning streak. Buy the writing to know how he faces the challenge life has thrown at him. The Law of Attraction by N. M. Silber The Law of Attraction is about two lawyers very much in love. Gabrielle and Braden love each other only to be kept apart by their many suitors. Could love prevail over the jealous rivals and insanity of the justice system for criminals? Read to find out the same as a classic womaniser falls for a girl who despises such habits. Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella This edition is based on Emma who aspires to be a marketing executive. It is when she shares her darkest secrets with a stranger sitting next to her on a flight back home that calls for a turning point in her life. The stranger happens to be her boss who wants to use her confessions for the latest ad campaign for their company. A twist in the tale holds when they begin dating and romance blossoms after a tumultuous beginning. Grab your favourite copy and sit down for a reading session of romantic comedy novels.