Love this book, it is filled with 60 animal images, many in delightful poses & the fur pattern is in each. Printed one per page, This coloring book brings us 60 realistic animal images, that is like getting 3 coloring books in one. You will find our best-loved animals, both pets, and wild animals from around the world in realistic, charming poses that will inspire your imagination and kick start your creativity. This book is different and a must have book for animal lovers of all ages, it is perfect for quality family coloring time, these realistic up-close head portraits and delightful full body poses of your favorite animals include the pattern of the fur and/or feathers giving them a more realistic look than in other coloring books and is filled with amusing and delightful poses, this book is perfect for the entire family, from preschoolers to adults. I love coloring these pictures with colored pencils, bringing these illustrations to life following the fur and feather patterns, creating realistic eyes and noses, my Grandchildren of all ages love this book, the illustrations kick start their creativity and draw them to my Arts and Crafts table. This style of art is perfect for crayons, markers, or colored pencils. I know this is one of the few coloring books that I will buy over and over again because every single picture will be colored. This full sized coloring book is filled with 60 delightful,realistic illustrations printed one per page on medium weight, bright white paper, the back of each page blank. This coloring book is amazing when you use colored pencils, but you can also complete these pictures with markers, or even crayons, each will allow some of the details of the fur and/or feathers to come through the color. The paper is only medium weight so I place my clipboard under the picture I am coloring to prevent unwanted indentations to the next page when using colored pencils. All the markers that I tested do bleed through the pages but can also be used, I just place a sheet of paper under the page I am coloring to protect the next image. All the images are centered and bordered on each page, and leave ½” between the image and the binding, this gives you plenty of space to remove one page from this book or cut the binding off for classes or coloring groups. Just use a large school sized paper cutter or take it to an office supply store to have the binding removed. Each of these mesmerizing animal portraits is drawn with the fur and/or feather patterns of the animal detailed within the animal so it is easy to create the texture of fur or feathers when coloring, just use colored pencils and color in the direction of the fur to create realistic works of art.