It is not customary to settle for traditional bridal dresses in San Diego when you need to order the gown at the earliest. Yes! There have been brides who looked captivating in white with a floral tiara hugging their hairline but is it going to have the same effect on you? After all, you are a different girl from a different timeline. So, why shouldn’t you do your own thing and opt for one of those lovely bridal gowns San Diego? It might be time to break the mold and go for a non traditional dress that becomes you absolutely. Your bridal dress does not have to follow the current trends either. You should go ahead and ask the consultant at one of the top bridal boutiques San Diego to reveal the offbeat collection. Well, you may get numerous dresses included in the section but the seamstress at the boutique will not only be able to recreate one just for you but will also be able to embellish it exactly as you fancy. In other words, you get a gown that has been made with you in mind. Own it and show it off without worrying about the age old tradition. Instead, be the talk of the town and go fashion forwards this time. Here are just a few ideas to have you all excited and raring to go shopping at the bridal shops San Diego… Floral Prints- Look fresh exactly like a flower. Ask for a floral printed dress that is just perfect for a Spring wedding. Settle for a graphic printed skirt with a tiny top that shows off your beautiful figure to perfection. Have a word with your consultant and ask for customizing the dress so that it can be worn for the reception as well as a long evening walk hand in hand with your groom. Something Blue- You may be big on tradition but do spare a thought for dear old grand mom. Ask for one of the blue San Diego wedding dresses and give her the happiness of seeing you in something blue as per the age old tradition. The shade does not matter too much here though. You are welcome to wear a pal blue or an inky cobalt hue if it catches your fancy. Blue may also be an ideal color for a destination wedding at the beach. Match the sea shade for shade and have fun with the guests. Color Blocking- You are a modern gal so act accordingly! Give your guests the shock of their lives by walking down the aisle in one of the best black & white bridal dresses San Diego. It is bold and it is beautiful! Have a wide bow added to the back and flaunt your bare back while taking your vows. Jumpsuit- Who said anything about having to wear a gown? Match the time by daring to be unconventional on your D-Day. Wear pants in your home right from Day 1. No worries You can get it embellished to stay apart from the crowd. Opt for a white jumpsuit if you will or choose any other color that excites you. Remember to check the collection of Enzoani wedding dresses and pick a Boho jumpsuit in nude shade to have all eyes on you. High-Low Hemline- Experiment with the hemline if your petite ankles happen to be your best feature! Go through all the available bridal dresses in San Diego and choose one with an asymmetrical hemline that is longer in the back and short in front. Give your guests the peekaboo effect by giving them a glimpse of your shoes.