Leather has a consistent demand in the world of fashion. Items made of it are loved by a large number of people all over the world. Fashion items as well as fashion accessories made of it have a unique flexibility and are unquestionably long-lasting. It is mainly sourced from animals; in fact skin or hide of different animals are used to make leather. The item can be categorized in four basic grains or varieties, namely full grain, top grain, genuine and corrected grain. Full grain is the best quality How would you recognize full grain leather? This is a relevant question while you set out shopping for those stylish biker jackets or Moto jackets. If you don’t know this labeling you’re likely to end up investing money on spurious goods that neither give the feeling of wearing genuine leather items nor last long enough to value for your money. Full grain unlike any other variety has smooth, luxurious surface. Usually this category of the item is absolutely flawless. Yet if there’s any flaw it is very minimal and hardly noticeable unless you’re a pro. Hi end fashion items made of leather are mostly made from ‘full grain’ variety. MEN’S ITALIAN LEATHER MOTO BIKER JACKETAlen Cooper is the best place to buy Men’s Men’s Italian Leather Moto Biker Jacket at the right price. All kinds of leather jackets are available here. In other words, this variety of the item has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed to get rid of any unwanted mark or imperfection from the surface. As the grains have been left intact and not removed, the surface of this range of the item is very stable and easily long-lasting. The grain keeps breathing and because of all these factors the full grain variety does not wear out fast. Instead of wearing away it develops a thin layer called patina, which prevents corroding or wearing out of the leather. Growth of the additional layer or patina provides an aesthetic look to this range of items. High quality fashion items, furniture and even footwear are made from the full grain variety of the item. Finished products made from this premium variety of leather can further be classified into 2 categories – aniline and semi-aniline. The most desirable finish in leather manufacturing is the aniline variety. In fact the aniline variety is exclusively dyed with soluble dyes without covering the top surface with topcoat paint or insoluble pigment. On the other hand the semi-aniline variety comes with a thin protective coat which prevents wearing out and staining to a large extent. Top grain variety Highly skilled and competent designers working on Italian Finish Leather Biker jacket for men explain after ‘full grain’, the top-grain variety is most widely used in making hi-end leather items. In comparison to the full grain variety, this range of the item is much thinner and more pliable. This is because its layer has been separated away. Moreover the surface of this variety is sanded and dabbed in a finish coat, which makes the substance less breathable and giving a plastic-like feel. On the positive side this also helps developing an additional layer or ‘pinna’ that protects the leather from both corrosion and damage. As you may have guessed this variety of the item also lasts longer providing value for money. Genuine leather Genuine leather is yet another variety of the item and commodities made from this variety are considered most inferior in quality. In simpler words these commodities are made from the leftover leather after the high-end items have been crafted out. As a result the commodities neither look so chic nor appealing compared to those made from ‘full grain’ and ‘top grain’ varieties. Commodities made from the genuine variety are neither very long-lasting. However, this variety of commodities or products is usually affordably priced and widely available. Corrected grain leather In the industry this variety of the item is also called the lesser-known grain. As the name suggests this particular variety of the item is corrected or fixed by competent leather technicians to improve both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The hides that are used in making this grade of the item are rejected for making either aniline or vegetable-tanned leather. The basic processing of this variety of the item involves embossing an artificial grain on top and dressing it out with dyes and stains. The remaining imperfections are then sanded off before further corrections are made. Corrected grain is widely used in making the pigmented variety of the item. As you can easily make out, this variety of leather is also quite reasonably priced and easily available. Once you know these basic varieties of the item, investing money on the right item is not that difficult.