It’s never too hard to color your nails just like you might have seen at the salon. You just need clean nails and a gel nail polish starter kit. So, here are the steps if you would be applying the polish all by yourself. Prepare your nails Once you have washed your hands and have dried them thoroughly, you should push back the cuticles. This step can easily be done with the help of the slanted side of the manicure stick. In case it’s tough to push the cuticles, then you should soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes. When it’s time to shape your nails, file the edges in the way you desire. Apart from a square, or round shape, you can always try out another shape which resembles pointy nails. Later, you should buff the surface gently for a dull appearance. Depending on how well you file the nails, you can wipe off dust or wash your hands once again. Next, you should apply the coat on 4 fingers followed by the others and both the thumbs. Apply Primer Gel primer helps in making the surface sticky before you move to apply the gel polish. The quantity of primer depends on the type of nails you have. For instance, if you have oily nails then you would require primer more than the usual amount. You can either apply the solution by moving the brush in a circular way or simply around the tip of the nail. Just ensure that you use little quantity. Later, you should allow the primer to dry naturally for 30 seconds. Apply the base coat Now consider four fingers (leaving behind the thumb) and start applying the base coat. To prevent chipping, make sure that you use the brush along the tip. Don’t come near the cuticles or the skin. In case if you do so, then you need to clean up the polish with a manicure stick before curing. After a few brush strokes, place the fingers under the UV lamp and wait for 15 seconds. While the nails are getting dried, you shouldn’t touch the nails. Rather, you should allow the coat to stick on the surface. Apply Gel Polish As soon as you are about to apply gel nail polish, shake the bottle with the lid at the open end. Follow the aforementioned step once again for applying the coat. In this situation, allow the surface to dry for 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds. Depending on the color saturation, you can try painting the nails with just one coat. But, we suggest you apply at least two coats and cure every coat for half a minute. Apply the top coat Finally, when it’s time for the topmost coat, you should apply a thin layer. Be very much careful and see to it that the brush stroke is not near the cuticles or the skin even along the sides. While you are following this step, a deeper shade might surprise you. At that instance, you should stay calm because everything is normal as the brush becomes moist with the color. If required, you can wipe the brush with the help of a kitchen roll or a lint-free wipe. Consider this tip before you dip the brush inside the gel polish bottle. Lastly, for the stunning effect, you should wipe your nails. You can either use a gel cleaner or a lint-free wipe. While these are the steps for a manicure, you can repeat them for a pedicure as well. Just manage to move with the other foot once you’re done with the first one.