Oily skin is a type of skin that can literally harass people and increase skin problems. This type of skin is usually characterized by lots of oil & sticky look. The greasy base attracts dirt & dust and can even cause pimples & acne. Not only this, blackheads & whiteheads are also caused due to the excess amount of oil. Using a blotting paper again and again can be really annoying and so here is a list of products that people with oily skin need to use- 1. Cleanser- Cleaning the skin deeply washes off the excess amount of oil & sebum. It removes dirt & impurities from the pores and prevents deposition of oil over the skin. Use a natural cleanser to keep off the oil and to keep the skin healthy & soft. 2. Primer- Primer is applied just before using makeup. It acts as a base for makeup and helps in the better settling of the makeup. The excess oil on the skin gives it a sticky base and the makeup slips off the skin in such a case. When you use a primer, makeup lasts longer and gives a flawless look. 3. Scrub- Blackheads are quite common in oily skin. It is better to scrub away the dead cells & impurities to reduce the occurrence & visibility of blackheads. Other than removing blackheads, scrub makes the skin smooth & shiny. 4. Face Packs-Regular use of face packs makes the face clear & glowing. A neem pack or Multani mitti pack is perfect for clearing off excess oils. This is because these ingredients absorb excess oils from the skin & keep away the harmful bacteria. Also, Herbal Face Packs enhance the beauty of the skin. 5. Face toner- A toner tightens the pores and removes oil from the face. After cleansing, apply a toner with natural extracts to keep your skin breathing & beautifully glowing. Apply it by taking a little on a cotton bud and applying it all over the face. 6. Light moisturizer- Leaving the face dry is one common mistake made by people. It is a misconception that applying moisturizer will lend an oily look. On the other hand, when you do not apply any moisturizer oil glands tend to produce oil in greater amount leading to even more secretion of oil. To stay away from such a horrible condition, apply a light moisturizer daily after cleansing the face. Keep the moisturizer herbal & gentle. Hope these products provide a great relief to your oily face. Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!