Nowadays it’s all about going organic, and with good reason. Not only is organic better for you, whether for consumption or cosmetic purposes; but it’s also much better for the environment. There is a global movement, dedicated to promoting the benefits of both preserving and enjoying nature’s bounty. But be careful, as words like ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ are thrown around so carelessly that it’s easy to be sucked into purchasing products that are in fact, quite the opposite. In this article we are going to explore some of the key features and benefits of Essential Oils, and how they can be of benefit to you and the lifestyle that you’d like to sustain. Essential Oils Aren’t Oils as We Know Them When I think of the word Oil I instantly picture some haggard eye-sore in the middle of the Ocean, drilling to the Earth’s core in search of black gold. Essential Oils are an entirely different story, the polar-opposite in fact; particularly when you consider that Essential Oils are constituents of plants that provide both cosmetic and healing properties. And in the same breath; Essential Oils are molecularly minuscule, which is ideal for when it comes to absorption. We don’t want to lather our bodies in some greasy substance that will build up over time; instead we can enjoy the healing properties of various substances that can pass through the body leaving only a positive aesthetic impact. Essential Oils May Not be For You There are many benefits to using Essential Oils in your day to day life, but it is important to understand that they’re not suitable for everybody. You may well like the sound of them and what they have to offer, though if you’re skin is particularly sensitive then they could do you more harm than good. The perfect way to find out whether or not this is the case for you, is via a very simple and easy experiment. Simply combine one drop of Essential Oil (any Oil will do, specifically something you intend to use) with half a tablespoon of olive oil. Once combined you can apply this mix to the inner upside of your arm. If after a short while any itching or redness occurs, then you know that you’re sensitive to that particular oil and that it is not good for you. Worry not, just because you have an evident sensitivity to the one Essential Oil, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be unable to use all of them; though just be careful to take your time and explore the various Essential Oils properly. Not for Internal Use (for the most part) Just because something is natural and organic, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for internal consumption. Many of these Essential Oils will smell rather appetising, though make sure that you do enough research into what you are buying before you mix it with anything else. For example, some Essential Oils can be great when heavily diluted and mixed with tooth-paste; though others can be incredibly detrimental (if not deadly) when consumed internally. Please don’t be put off by this, as everything you buy will be clearly labelled if un-safe for consumption; though it is still important that you take extra care Versatility Now that I’ve successfully put the fear of mother nature in you, I think it’s important to high-light just some of the many benefits of using Essential Oils. 1- Natural Disinfectant 2- Organic Mosquito Repellent 3- Cleaner Air / Air Freshener 4- Homemade Chem-Free Sun Lotion 5- Cleaning Burnt Dishes and Pans 6- Eliminates Mold 7- Combats Anxiety 8- Great for Gifting 9- Improved Sleeping 10- Massage Therapy 11- Face Wash 12- Natural Perfume 13- Strengthen Hair & Nails 14- Heals Dry Skin 15- Improved Concentration These are just a small snap-shot of the boundless benefits from using essential oils.