Washing and drying garments became imperative human requirements ever since the notion of health and hygiene was known as a privilege. The earlier way of manual washing was laborious. In contemporary society, the job is considered as timewasting one and in the middle of frenetic lifestyles, individuals want to finish off such labor and time-intensive approaches. Drying the washed garments is also a time-consuming procedure particularly in the damp and chilly weather situations. Mechanical appliances like the best washing machine became imperative to perform the jobs. As in the case of all other mechanical and electronic appliances, washing machines also have gone through changes slowly but surely. In the procedure, they became more customer-oriented and environment-friendly. These days, marketplaces are swamped with inestimable washer machines of numerous varieties and models. Invariably there are two kinds of machines. Semi-auto washing machine models necessitate manual monitoring. There are two containers in such machines, one for sopping, washing and rinsing. The other one is for drying. Shifting garments after the washing procedure is to be carried out by hand. Fully automatic machines are more suitable and there is no necessity to shift the garments from one to another. These machines have only a solitary tub to carry out all the procedures of washing, rinsing and drying. A lot of customers pick semi-auto washing machines models owing to the cost-benefit. Fully automatic machines are costly and cost around 50 to 200 percent more than a semi-auto washing machine. There are two groupings of washer machines viz. front loading and top loading. Front-loading machines are pricier than the top-loading ones. But they are energy effectual and consume less power than the other form. The maximum of the washing machines in the modern-day markets is highly urbane with a touch control facility. They are programmable. The temperature of the water can be attuned contingent on the quality of the fabrics to be washed such as cotton; wool and silk are to be splashed under diverse temperature conditions. The machine can be pre-set and completely no manual monitoring is needed. LCD screens are provided to specify the procedure of washing. Sensors will monitor the quality and temperature of the water. Timers are provided to normalize and specify the time needed to complete the washing course. As technology is in a fast-forward approach, more pioneering machines are getting hosted in the marketplaces very often. Fresher features are being integrated to make the device more customer-oriented. In conformism with the changing lifestyles, washer machines are becoming mechanical. They can monitor the loads, fine-tune the temperature of the water as per the nature and weight of the garments, select appropriate washing cycles and automatically add a suitable quantity of cleansers, etc. The machine can be set to start at a particular time when you want it to run. The Internet is the paramount source to track down the newest products in the marketplaces. Price comparison websites and product reviews are useful to the customers to select fitting models and brands of washing machines.