Electricity is the basic necessity of our day-to-day lives. Especially, when you have a company with millions of things running on electricity like computers, air conditioners, biometric attendance system, and whatnot. So, it becomes imperative that you use all the resources in an efficient manner. In fact, in the workplace, it is important to have proper electrical outlets so your employees can use them accordingly. But, If you are using a multi outlet extension cord to power things in your office, then you need to take care of many things. Usage of extension cords adds numerous risk-taking factors in your workplace especially, if your employees are careless with it. In such scenarios, it becomes unavoidable to take proper electricity safety measures. Let’s look at some safety measures you need to take while setting up different phases of the extension cord: Purchasing chords is the first step. And here are the two major things you need to take care of while purchasing a multi outlet extension cord. Wire Gauge Length These two things influence the cord’s load capacity or its ability to handle the electrical current. Let’s look at them briefly. Wire Gauge The amount of power or current that the cord carries at any given time depends on the diameter or gauge of the wire. Not only this but it also affects how much the wire heats when carrying a current. If the wire overloads, it might cause a fire. Length The length of the wire affects the cord’s voltage drop or the amount of voltage it loses due to resistance in wires. The ratings of extension cords are on the basis of their gauge (means diameter of wire) and length and American Wire Gauge or AWG. They are in the form of light-duty cords, which means they are useful only for light-duty appliances. For heavy-duty cords which range from 10 to 15 amps of power, we need a third wire and plug prong for earthing. Once you have a perfect cord for yourself, the next step is to use the extension cord responsibly. Here, we have described a few things you must take care of while using cords: Firstly, never under any circumstances, remove an extension cord’s earthing pin to make it useful for two-prong outlet. If a cord has a grounding pin, it means it’s designed to handle high voltage power and thus need an earthing pin for preventing any kind of fire hazard. While powering things using extension cord, you need to understand the capacity of the extension cord. If possible, plugin only one appliance at a time even if it is a multi outlet extension cord. Because you need to make sure that the extension cord does not heat and chances it will if you plugin multiple things. Suppose the cord has a mark like indoor or outdoor then use it accordingly. The outdoor cords have extra protection against the natural elements that indoor ones don’t. When you touch the extension cord, if you find it to be hot then I recommend you stop using it immediately. Usually, the designs are such that it should not get hot. But, if it still does then you need to understand that it is getting overloaded. Now, comes the third step i.e. maintaining cords. It is important to maintain cords while you are using the cords as well as when not using them. There are many ways you maintain your extension cords like looping the coil, applying velcro cord wraps, etc. It does not matter which method you use but you need to make sure to stick to any of them. Next up is the most essential tip to maintain the extension cords: unplug them. Almost everyone forgets to unplug the cords which they are not using or after using. Extra tip: Remember to store your cords indoors as most of the natural elements and electrical equipment don’t go together. Be sure and clear of where you are plugging your wire as you might invite a fire hazard with a wrongly plugged or loose wire. Additionally, it can invite a lawsuit too if you leave it carelessly. Lastly, if you take a cord out of the outlet, make sure you are pushing the plug and not the cord. And if you find any signs of damage on the extension cord, replace it immediately. Wrapping it up: While taking care of electrical things like power cord or extension cord, it is necessary for you to be completely alert and aware of the safety measures. In fact, as an employer, it is your responsibility to take care of your office’s surroundings. Taking these steps is just the beginning of safety measures. There are many steps you need to take when it comes to safety. Stay on top of these electrical measures as hazards can walk in from any place at any time.