Muscle soreness can be a hassle for anyone. Swollen muscles and tissues can cause huge pain and also creates an obstacle while doing any work. This soreness is mainly caused due to abnormal and intense pressure on the muscles of the body. To get rid of this, a muscle massager gun is generally used. WHAT IS A MUSCLE MASSAGER GUN? It is just like a normal massager with some added benefits. The soreness after a heavy workout or the tiredness after a hectic day at the office can be cured by a soothing massage. Massage therapy has been very popular since the existence of the human generation. We all have undergone massage therapy in one or the other way. Traditionally, massage was done using hands which were very tiring and time-consuming. But now, due to technological advancements, a massager or a massage gun is used. A muscle massager gun works on the principle of a hand massage. The main idea is to provide a good and powerful message to the muscles and tissues of the body. This will increase the blood circulation in them and hence will remove the pain. There are many people who still believe that a regular massage is still better but in our opinion, a massage gun will provide you with a better and more powerful massage. Be it a regular hand massage or a massage using some gun, the main idea is to provide full support to the muscles and to reduce its soreness. CAUSES OF MUSCLE PAIN AND SORENESS- Abnormal muscle tension. Skipping warm-up and cool-down sessions. Overusing an injured muscle. Improper weight training or excessive weight on a few muscles. Practicing the same exercise pattern for a prolonged period can lead to increased pressure on a few muscles. Apart from these, there are many different reasons that can cause muscle soreness. To get rid of it, there are a few basic and quick remedies available. QUICK REMEDIES FOR MUSCLE SORENESS- Applying an ice pack on the affected area helps in reducing the pain and inflammation. Make sure the affected muscle is properly elevated and is free from muscle tension and stress. If pain is unbearable, try using an over the counter(OTC) pill. Doing yoga and other stress-relieving activities will help you to ease the pain. Eating some anti-inflammatory food will help you to relieve pain quickly. If the above-mentioned remedies are not working, try going for some percussive therapies. They can cure your pain within minutes and are most effective in releasing pains. WHAT IS PERCUSSION THERAPY? Percussion therapy is the latest sensation in the field of massage. This therapy is widely used and appreciated by different persons in the world. The internet is overflowed by the positive reviews and the benefits it has provided in different cases. Percussion therapy is used to increase the recovery rate of different muscles. It uses a targeted pulse that seeps down into your tissues to repair it. The vibrations are passed deep down and pressure is exerted on the tissues. This pressure helps to heal and increases the repair and recovery rate. The pulse of a percussive muscle massager gun is usually of short duration but is exerted with great pressure. It provides a great stretch to muscles which increase its flexibility and efficiency. It also helps in reduction of further muscle injury. Sometimes our workouts are more physically demanding and hence puts more stress and tensions on the muscle. With the help of this therapy, you can easily ease your complex and hard muscles. BENEFITS OF PERCUSSION THERAPY- It relaxes thick connecting tissues which makes it easy to move. It increases lymphatic movements and circulations. Elongates muscle fibers which lead to more blood flow. It is ideal for calming stiff muscles. These guns are very lightweight and effective. It also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the workout. Increases blood circulation. These were some of the primary benefits of using a percussive muscle massager gun, apart from these, there are many other benefits it provides. To find the best percussion gun, visit ‘Exogun’ and get your ‘Exogun: Dreampro’. This device is trusted by most of the professionals worldwide and has many proven advantages. It is an ultra-quiet muscle massager gun with a 16 mm stroke length. The weight of this gun is only 2.5 lbs and it operates on a brushless 24W motor. It has a battery of 2400mah and can run up to a month per charge. The gun comes with 6-speed settings and also has 4 adjustments included in the kit for a more precise target. You can also customize your power between a high impact recovery therapy and a low impact deep tissue massage for pure relaxation. This is a must-have for someone with muscle pain or someone who wants to boost his performance during the workout.