Wi-Fi is a basic need. And no one right now will say that they need the internet. No. They will use the word Wi-Fi. We really like that our devices are an extension of us and that we have the world at our fingertips. This is because the internet has evolved. Along with it, we have a range of Ethernet cable types that give a varying range and quality of the internet to our Wi-Fi routers. Yes, the Wireless still needs some wires. Our use of the internet has also evolved. From something that was limited to clunky, important office related work, we use it now for work, entertainment, security education, and convenience. The Ethernet cable you use depends on what you need it for. Currently, the basic one is the cat 5e cable and the most advanced one is the cat8 cable. If your needs are intensive but your activities don’t completely rely on fast, stable internet, like in an average household, then you can go with the cat 5e cable. However, if you require a speedy and consistent connection, like in an office environment, then you can choose the cat8 cable. The Cat 5e cable is sufficient for smart home routines and software updates of phones and computers. It is also enough for streaming videos and video games. To make this connection better, you can also use Wi-Fi nodes around your house to reduce or terminate dead zones. This way, you can get a more consistent connection no matter where you are in the house. Let’s dig deeper into the internet needs of a house as compared to the more intensive ones of an office: Home: Take a usual 3-bedroom house. If it has a ground and a level, only one floor is going to get optimum connectivity. And if it all on one level, it is too far spread out for proper connectivity as well. But if you set up a Wi-Fi node with the Cat 5e cable in strategic parts of your home, you can get proper coverage all over it. This means there will be no drops in video calls, and your online gaming never has to stop! Such a mesh network connection can go far in improving your connectivity issues so you don’t have to change the in-wall Ethernet cables of your house just yet. Office: In an office, the internet requirement is a lot more intensive. Additionally, you also need it to be more reliable as your work depends on it. For an office, the ideal set up is a wired one. Connect all computers with a Cat8 cable for blazing fast speed. You will also require this cable to use and maintain your in-house servers. Here also, Cat8 does the job efficiently. This cable is advanced and you can almost call it future proof. Wired connections don’t face the challenges that Wi-Fi does. Nothing comes in its way because it plugs right into the devices. In some cases where you think you can only use Wi-Fi, like a TV, you can actually opt for a wired connection if your TV has an Ethernet port. This can come in handy in living rooms just as much as it can in conference rooms. The use of the internet is the decision-maker in terms of which type of connection to use and therefore which type of cable. Whether you go wireless or wired, you will need Ethernet cables, and you can opt for whatever works best for your needs, select the length of the wire and then buy it. They are all easily available offline or online. Just search for Ethernet cables and you will get a huge number of results. Then narrow it down by your requirements, and go ahead with the purchase.