Are you looking for a unique list of baby gears that we can’t live without? You must be looking for a list that will include everything your baby might need. If this is your first pregnancy, it is a hard job indeed. I remember how panicked I felt when I heard the words like the pacifier, pump, Moses crib, sterilizer, etc. I had no idea what they meant or looked like. I ended up buying hundreds of pink stiffs. Then after the arrival of my daughter, I realized most of the stuff was unnecessary. Every week I would find myself in an emergency where I needed something extra. Today, I will share from my personal experience, which products worked well for me. Instead of buying, add them to your baby shower gift list. I have compiled a list of a unique baby shower gift for you. I have included all the items that are useful, attractive or both. We hope these will be very useful for your next baby shower or when building a baby registry. Baby bouncer, swing and doorway jumper If your baby likes to be cradled continuously or on the move, these items are your lifesaver. The bouncers are a much cheaper option than the swing, but both have the same functionality. In the case of bouncers, you must make sure it is padded and age-suitable. When the baby becomes old for the bouncer, the doorway jumpers will become handy. Bottle sterilizer This is an essential item for the baby’s safety. It needs to be used for at least two years daily. So you must choose a quality product, even if the price is a little high. Diaper bag Many of us would think that it is just a big bag and you can buy any cheap non-baby bag. But a diaper bag is Specially designed so that you can carry all baby essentials easily. It has so many partitions for bottles and diapers. It is a good idea to get it as a gift because it is over-priced. Bottle warmer when the baby screams for milk, even a second seems longer, and you will need to heat the bottle as fast as possible. This device will come handy when you are traveling as well as it maintains the hot temperature. It is not a necessary item, but if you are getting gifts, pick this one, and you can use it for years. Bottles set and bottle brush These are not expensive and essential items. You can add them to the baby shower gift list. Breast pump If you are planning to breastfeed, buy a breast pump before. When you are away from the baby, you will be able to make a bottle ready during his feeding time. Get the electrical ones. As manual one becomes very exhausting and you deserve a break. Baby audio or video monitor The video monitor is one of the essential items. Who won’t like the option of looking into the baby’s room instead of running every time they heard a whimper. According to most of the parents, it comes handy when your baby is with a nanny, and you want to continually monitor her. Car seat This is another must-have to your baby shower gift list. You can even specify the brand because some of them might not be appropriate for your coming baby. Car window shade and baby view mirror These car accessories are essential. The car window shade will protect your baby from the sun. The mirror will make sure you get to see your baby during the drive. These are an affordable option that you can put on a gift list. Baby gym Babies can roll around and practice crawling on this padded mat. It is colorful and joyful. It is affordable and a perfect option for the gift list. Crib mosquito net This one issuer essential if you live in a land where flies and mosquitos are an issue. There are even mosquito nets for strollers. Baby bathtub Although you will need it only for 10 to 12 months max, it makes bathing the baby more comfortable, especially if you don’t have any helping hand. And I think you should get one. Electric nasal aspirator Believe me; this one will come very handy. My daughter suffers from trapped nasal mucous even now that she is almost five. This is something I think; every parent should keep in hand. Food steamer and blender Most of us have a steamer and a hand blender, but if you don’t have any, put it on your list. Because it will save you a lot of time when your baby will start taking food at six months. Nursing cover every breastfeeding mom needs this. When you are trapped in public with a hungry baby, this will come very handy. Umbrella stroller Although not suitable for newborns, as the child grows old, you need something light and practical. Chose the one that is comfortable for the back, and the wheels are not rough on the floor.