To go with or not to go with, there lays no standard for the couples matching their wedding bands. This depends on you. While matching gold wedding bands is a symbol of you and your fiance becoming one unit. On the other hand, not matching your wedding bands lets you express your individuality. Either way, the couple needs to be united on this decision before choosing a wedding band. Gold Wedding bands come in different setting designs, metals as well as metal colors with or without diamonds or gemstones. If you are not looking to buy a ring set that has been designed to go along, then here are a few ideas for choosing gold wedding bands that are a perfect expression of your fashion. ● Match Bands by Style Although matching gold wedding bands has been a popular tradition, it has declined over the years for a lot of reasons. For example, a preference for a more scratch-resistant metal or due to alterations in personal style was always on demand. However, there is no rule stating that if a wedding band is of a certain style, the wedding rings have to be, as well. Nevertheless, the two bands should complement one another. This means that you can buy a gold wedding band that will ‘Go with’ the wedding ring. However, one must not ask for design in it. This needs a bit more fashion sense, as you will be harmonizing a band set yourself. A wedding ring is a great way to integrate your fashion in a non-traditional way. In other words, you may choose a gold wedding band that stands on its own. It shall contrast with the engagement band instead of merging. This will create something new and different that truly expresses your creativity as well as personal fashion. ● Match by Metal As you may think, metals that are considered traditional are usually yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver. These choices are classics and one can, of course, use them as a wedding band for centuries. Alternative metals like stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium are newer to the wedding band scenario. However, they are becoming very popular since the demand for unique looks and durability increases. While matching your rings, the metals might be the same or you may also choose to mix gold in the wedding ring. ● Match by Gem If a gold wedding band is not your style, bands can come with a lot of other varieties of stones. However, the most popular one is always diamonds. And, of course, even for men in an alternative metal ring. Conventionally, the term “wedding band” refers to a band with a diamond in it. Nonetheless, using gold bands as marriage bands is a trendy choice for women who wish to wear gold every day. A gold band looks astonish and ravishing in your fingers. Many people choose to wear it on their engagements as well as weddings. A lot of others also give their better halves as anniversary gifts. But wearing gold bands has some of its disadvantages as well. You can get skin irritation from wearing gold bands. Also, skin irritation can occur when a wedding ring fits too tightly, as well. A gold band with diamonds or any other stones can also cause skin rashes owing to bacteria. However, these bacteria can also multiply in small nooks as well as fractures between the band and fingers. Primarily, consider upsizing the ring if necessary and keep the fingers and the band free of dirt. However, you can frequently resolve the problems of skin irritation by giving adequate time for your skin to heal.