Season of giving and receiving gifts is here, and it’s time to get your thinking cap on and find the best gift for your friend or family member. We understand that with lots of option available and variation in preferences of every individual, finding the perfect gift can be very tricky and sometimes frustrating. It’s also very easy to get overwhelmed with thousands of gift ideas lists online and lose sight of what your friends and loved one might love to receive. Worry not, we are here to rescue you from the struggle to find a good gift with are specially curated list of top jewellery idea as a gift for friends. BEST JEWELRY GIFT IDEAS YOUR FRIENDS WILL LOVE Always make sure to avoid products produced by fast fashion companies, especially when your purpose is to gift jewellery to someone. They can sometimes look cheap and break easily. Instead, you can opt for affordable luxury brands of jewellery that use higher quality materials and have more intricate and sophisticated designs. 1. EARRINGS FOR GIFT Earrings are at the top in our list of jewellery gift ideas. It’s an essential in every girl’s jewellery box. If any one of your friends is lacking basic, classic earrings, don’t hesitate to get them this gift! Make sure the earrings you pick complement the wearer’s complexion perfectly! A great pair of earrings from Annie Haak is highly recommended. 2. A LONG NECKLACE FOR GIFT Long necklaces are a staple in every girl’s closet. They can look luxurious when bold and intricate, or incredibly classy when dainty and small. They tend to add the perfect amount of class to any plain outfit and can be easily layered with other pieces. They can make you look polished, yet relaxed and that’s why a long necklace is a great gift idea for anyone in your life. 3. BRACELET FOR GIFT A bracelet is another great gifting idea for a friend. In case if you are not sure as to what size bangle they would wear, you can opt for an open cuff charm bracelet for women. There are some very classy designs available online at the moment and they are incredibly trendy right now. 4. THE DIY PROJECT You can also try personalizing or making your own jewellery if you want to give someone a heartfelt, meaningful gift. You can easily make a stamped necklace or bracelet with your friend’s name on it, or a necklace with a locket containing a picture of you together is also a great gifting idea. 5. BANGLES FOR GIFT Bangles offer big style at an affordable price. Not only are they a minimal investment, but you can find unique, high-quality bangles to suit any of the friends. You can explore popular brands of bangles such as Les georgettes to keep your giftees in style. This is the perfect thoughtful gift for anyone special in your life. 6. THE PERSONALITY MATCH Incorporating a character or personal facts into jewellery is one of the best jewellery gift ideas. It can be a great and cherishable gift. If there is a friend of yours that you always get together with to sip wine and gossip, you can gift them a wine glass charm on a necklace or bracelet and charm bracelet for women ? If your friend loves dragonflies, you can gift him/her some dragonfly studs! 7. THE STUNNER In the event that you need to make a statement, look no further. Gifting somebody a stunning ring will win you the best gift-giver title of the year. Rings are such a delightful gift since they can represent love, responsibility, kinship, thankfulness, and support. Buy Online Jewellery in UK .