When the season of Christmas knocks your door, you can’t keep calm and stay inside silent. Because from the beginning of every New Year, each and every people out there wait for it eagerly. This is the only occasion when you would break all your rules, regulations, work routine, diet and fitness regime. You would make fun, would visit your relatives, make new friends, your days would be filled with enjoyment, giggle, laugh, gifts, cakes and delicious foods. In addition to that, another thing that occupies a large space of your life is to decorate your house thoroughly and make it Christmas ready. While you are decorating your home, you can’t keep the Christmas tree at bay. But, most of the people get confused and end up making everything messy. If you don’t want anything like that, then have a look into the below write up and know how ornament your Christmas tree on your own perfectly and enjoy Christmas at its best. Christmas tree lights experts have put forward some suggestions to help you. Place It On The Right Spot First of all choose the right location in your home to set the tree. As per experts, it is better to place it on any corner so that kids don’t knock it down or the wires don’t make any kind of disturbances. In case you need to redecorate your furniture, do it so that your tree stays safe. Give It Enough Space To Breathe If you pick up a real tree, make sure to measure the width and the length well before you set it up. If the place is small, then the tree would not be able to breathe and to spread its needles. The location also should be away from heat and fire. Be Specific With The Lighting System Once you are done with that job, now you need to think about the primary step of decoration that is lighting. All hang lights, but very few appear to be attractive and appealing. You need to master the skill of choosing the right theme. For classic view, red, gold, green and yellow would be perfect. On the other hand, blue, white and silver would create a winter look, say the Christmas tree lights experts. Wrap Garlands And Hang Baubles You can pick beads, ribbon or anything that suit your interior painting and decoration. While sticking the baubles, make sure to hang the big ones at the centre and leave the small ones for the end of the branches.