Aren’t you excited for Christmas? Of course, you are because Christmas brings immense joy and moments of ecstasy for us. A large number of traditions are associated with it. Just imagine a Christmas without the Christmas tree. Well, we don’t want to imagine a Christmas without our Christmas tree. So, what was your favorite Christmas moment in your childhood? Probably, you will say whitening of your Christmas tree. It is such a fun to drench Christmas tree with the help of Snow Flocking Machines. Historical Perspective of Flocking Yes, you heard it right, flocking also has a history. This tradition of whitening of Christmas tress has been continuing since 1800. Nowadays, we have special flocking machines which make our task easier; however in that period people used to apply flour or starch for bringing that white color. The decorations that we do now were started from the post world war time. With growing time this art of flocking has taken new shape. What is Flocking Machine? Modernization has brought new changes into the arena of almost everything. In fact, the flocking of snow on the Christmas tree is also assisted by equipment. This equipment is termed as snow flocking machine. In case of decorating huge trees to become difficult for a person to cover the while tree in flocked so machines are adopted for pouring the powdery substances upon the tree. The machines operate in the form of big tanks. The tanks contains high amount of white powder. A hose is used for pumping the powder and a gun is present which ultimately mixes up the powder with water. Ways to Make Flock If you do not have enough capital to buy a flocking machine for decorating your Christmas tree then don’t lose hope because you can even prepare flocks at home. Do you know that soap flakes are used for covering your beautiful Christmas tree? Let’s give you an instance or rather a method that can help you to prepare snow flocks. At first, spray water on the tree and close an area with a plastic and blow it and it ultimately spreads to the entire tree and look just awesome. Well, preparing of flocks are not that easy as it sounds because if it is not dried up properly, it can turn all your hard work into a futile attempt.