A lot of safety issues cropped up when the couriers sent in normal courier bags were opened up by the courier companies or other middle men in the process of transportation. A lot of important documents used to get soiled, confidentiality used to get leaked and important machine parts used to get damaged or even robbed from these bags. These issues led to the demand of courier bags which could not be opened mid-way. Thus the tamper proof courier were invented. These bags were made in such a way that they had to be torn open only to see the products inside. This eradicated the possibility of anyone tampering with the contents inside. Tamper proof courier bags ensured the safety of the contents packed inside. The recipient can refuse a shipment if he or she finds the courier bags tampered or torn. This makes the courier company more responsible with the shipments and no one dares to open or meddle with the courier bags while in transit. The company sending the parcel can also rely on the courier companies for safely transporting their parcels. Tamper proof also had to be cost-efficient because the companies needed to ship their products without spending much on packaging. Key Features The most important features of the Tamper Proof Courier Bag is mentioned below: They are designed from high quality bio-degradable plastic material of more than 50 microns. These courier bags are tear-resistant, heat resistant and quite thick. They do not damage the product stored inside ensuring the safety of the product. There are different kinds of bag available such as static free, eva bags and others depending upon the kind of safety you desire. These bags once opened cannot be sealed again making them Tamper Proof. One can get these bags in different sizes and also get a required size customized. They are cost-efficient and also very easy to store and carry. These are the best possible inventions made for the shipping industry. These bags are water-resistant making the product stored inside absolutely safe. These bags are available in packets of 500, 1000 and more pieces.