World armies move in armored vehicles that protect them from surprise ambush by hidden enemies. They travel in trucks and SUVs equipped with advance safety measures that keep them moving even during heavy firing. In army applications, these carriers are used for dropping soldiers in the battlefield, evacuation and transporting injured soldiers back to base camp. What make a van battle ready and what are its applications in civil society? A van is purchased and modified to withstand bullets and remain movable even in rough terrain. After modifications, it gets high speed and more stability. The modifications only improve its functionality and convenience of driving. The objective of armored vehicles is to keep the passengers and the packed goods safe in high risk zones like battlefield. Civilian use of protected automobiles Financial industry: Banks use customized bulletproof vans for transporting money between their branches and to ATM outlets. Education industry: Schools, colleges and other educational institutions use services of protected carriers to transport cash collected from parents. The cash amount is taken from institutions to their banks. Jewelry industry: Leading jewelers keep protected carriers to transport their valuables from their factories to shops. Completely locked and safe, these carriers keep the attackers at a safe distance from the expensive jewelry items. Celebrities: Important persons including heads of states, business tycoons and public figures always travel in cars and SUVs customized to provide full-proof safety cover to the important personalities. More uses of protected vehicles Safe transportation in riot areas: Rioting has become a norm to show displeasure. Divided communities, people start rioting whenever they feel cornered on issues that can be amicable solved with talks. Security personnel control rioting public with the help of protected automobiles. Terror attack: In case of terror attacks, the security personnel have to rush the attack area to block the movement of terrorists. The area under the control of terrorists is cordoned off and search operation starts. Bulletproof automobiles including trucks and vans provide safety cover to security personnel. Reinforced security: Protected automobiles are used to strengthen security cover in the areas more prone to terror attacks. Parked along the sensitive places including airports and military establishments, these vehicles make a high-security zone safe from any type of attack. Supportive equipment needed to improve security A combat truck can only provide mobility but security personnel need supportive equipment like jamming solutions to cut connectivity of the cordoned area with the outside world to prevent the terrorists from any type of support from their bosses. What do security personnel to carry out their operations? The need weapons accessories like gun sights to take aim, binoculars to locate targets, flashlights to clear pictures, bulletproof vests to fight fearlessly and bulletproof helmets for safety of their heads. Together with combat vehicles and tactical equipment, the security personnel can reach anywhere and carry out their operations with zero casualties. The role of technology can’t be denied in fighting. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is technology that improves fire power of the security forces. For more information visit our website :