Christmas is just round the corner and there is nothing which can fulfil the excitement other than the Christmas tree. The spruce has been the most noticeable emblem of the biggest festival held all throughout the world with much triumphs. Starting from simple decoration and a good dinner, the present celebration is nothing like the earlier time and has evolved to be a piece of grandeur and the excitement has known no boundaries. There are different ways by which the festivity is celebrated and Christmas Tree Snow Flocking is been widely used to get the true essence of the season. To know more about the festival it is better to know about how it all started and where does it stand in the present. There is no specific date or time as when it all started and who the institutor was. History states that the spruce was seen as the insignia to celebrate the birth of Christ. In the initial times, conical wooden blocks were decorated with chicken feathers and candles were lit on them to illuminate them. Gradually, the practice gained much popularity and the use of spruce was seen to be a much more practical solution rather than the conical wooden blocks. On a contrary, it has been perceived that as the spruce had the evergreen feature. It was the only living organism which was soothing to watch in the midst of white chilly winter. So, they were cut and placed in the household to celebrate winter and welcome the onset of spring. The greenery incorporated in the spruces gave a feeling of warmth and life which was missing outside in the cold weather. As stated earlier, the perfect date and time from when the conical trees became a signature mark for the celebration is still unknown. However, the presence of it can be felt thousands of years ago in Northern Europe. The decorations were much different from the ones done today. In the initial phase, the trees were hung upside down from the ceiling. Different trees have been decorated in the chilly months over the years but in the present time, the fir has been adopted as a standard sign. Decorations include Christmas tree snow flocking where an effect of freshly spread snowflakes are reproduced for the ultimate fun.