What are things that your newborn would need the most apart from the pretty obvious ones? It is widely believed that you must start shopping for your baby when he or she is born, however, we suggest the otherwise. Once the baby is born you will be hardly left with any time to prepare. So it is best to begin it right away. Taking care of a newborn is indeed a challenge but, we are here to give you the guidance • Reusable cotton nappies – You wouldn’t be forgetting to buy diapers but these cotton nappies are equally important. Make sure that you stock them up more since they are reusable and should be washed as soon as they are spoilt. Cotton nappies are great for sensitive skins. Opt for good quality nappies. • Baby body wash – As mentioned earlier, you cannot use the same products for your infant that you use. Buying a good baby body wash would be more than good. There are plenty of organic baby care products available online as well as in the traditional market. Check for the products that are authentic and organic. • Baby powder – Baby powders help in absorbing the excess moisture from the skin keeping your baby’s skin soft and cool. The presence of powder on the body controls the sweat keeping your baby fresh and happy all day long. You should apply the baby powder after wiping the baby post the bath. • Daily moisturizing lotion – The delicate skin of your baby requires a lot of attention. While we are sure you wouldn’t forget to buy bathing products, you shouldn’t miss out of moisturizer too. Every day after the bath, it is vital for your baby to get replenished with the daily moisturizing regime. Apart from these items, you got to make sure that you are keeping your baby’s environment pretty safe. Invest in smoke detectors for your home. You need to prepare a basic first aid kit along with a thermometer for an unavoidable emergency. Keep close the contact number of your baby’s doctors. You can save them in your mobile as well as paste it somewhere in the house. During an emergency when there is an absence of mobile, it will help. Resource box: When it comes to clothing choosing organic is vital. Organic clothes like the ones available with softsens are 100% safe on skin. They are soft and gentle on the skin. You can buy bibs online India from here