When it comes to your baby, your precious always needs a little extra. He/she needs a little extra attention and a little extra care! As a parent you might want to choose the best for your baby every single time, isn’t it? The conventionally grown cotton is loaded with chemicals and pesticides which is harmful to the delicate skin of the infant. So, when you opt for organic cotton made clothes, you are not only safeguarding your toddler’s skin but also doing your bit to reduce the usage of pesticides. Usage of synthetic fibers causes a lot of diseases. The presence of items like plastics and petrochemicals in the clothes are hazardous to the baby’s health. On the other hand, organic cotton clothes are not. You can buy the best organic cotton baby bodysuit at Softsens, where authentic organic bodysuits are available. Well, so we are here to tell you why it is important to pick only cotton clothes for your toddler. Yes! there are ample of fabrics available in the market but there are a few hard-hitting reasons as to what makes cotton your first preference for infant! • No worries about rashes – Your baby’s delicate skin tends to get irritated quite easily. But, organic cotton clothes are non-allergic in nature. Putting organic cotton baby bodysuit in to use ensures that there is no break out of rashes or eczema • Best for babies suffering from Asthma – Small particulates often asthma attack. Organic cotton clothing available with Sotsens is 100% safe. Cotton does not release small particulates which will act as an attack trigger. Therefore, it is completely safe to buy organic cotton baby bodysuit from Softsens. • Cooling effect – Organic cotton clothing helps the skin of your baby breathe properly. Since the fabric permits better aeration it keeps the body cool. The fabric absorbs the body’s moisture easily which makes the aeration possible. The organic newborn suits available with Softsens are such. They are breathable and friendly to the baby’s skin. • Much easy to clean – Cotton fabrics such as organic newborn bodysuits are much easier to clean. They do not require harsh detergents and soaps to cleanse properly. Being a complete gentle fabric on the skin, cotton should always be your first preference for the baby. Resource box: If you are looking for a brand that provides 100% organic cotton clothes for your baby then look nowhere else! Softsens offers a wide range of certified and authentic baby products.