Caterers work their hardest during the holiday season because that is when the most parties happen. Because most people take their leave during this time they plan their parties and weddings so that more guests are able to attend. Consequently, caterers are needed to feed the hundreds of guests. Weddings take place throughout the December month and other functions during the week too so caterers have to be ready for this high demand. As a caterer, you need to make sure that you have all the catering equipment at hand to make this momentous task possible. You will need the right catering equipment for food preparation. You have to consider that you need to travel a lot so the machines must be multi-functional and compact. The Robot Coupe Blixer is a blender and a cutter in one unit. It can blend raw ingredients and process food. It is a versatile unit that can help you with preparing starters, main dishes and desserts. The Kitchenaid Planetary Mixer is designed with a smooth rounded bowl lift which is perfect for heavy use. It can mix batters or mixtures fast, thoroughly and quietly. For caterers this is a durable and resilient machine that can make food and dessert preparation tasks much easier. People don’t like cold food and when you are making food for hundreds of people that can be a daunting concept. Make sure that you have enough Bain Maries to keep all the food warm and ready to serve. It might also be a good idea to invest in a small countertop version of the gas stove. The Anvil 4 Burner Gas Stove could do the trick. You will have to set it up each time you take it with you. What makes this stove suitable for travel is that it is compact because it measures at 600 x 692 x 364 millimetres. It has 4 burners and 4 short legs so you could place it on a countertop. For serving guests and clearing their tables it would take you and your staff much longer if you do this by hand. A handy Fold N Go Cart is perfect for travelling caterers because it can be folded flat to fit into your van and it has wheels which allows you to trolley a number of plates at a time. As a caterer you need to be prepared for the holiday season. Hopefully you can get what you need at a catering equipment sale .