The batteries are the life of today’s modern world and without any doubt, one of the most important aspects of today’s electronic world as well and it keeps its prominent value when it comes to hearing aid batteries as well. Can you imagine the situation that you are out of home and your hearing aid battery goes flat and get out of work? There are so many things that needed to be kept in mind regarding your hearing aid batteries and if you want to run your hearing aids perfectly, you need to supply a steady flow of power from a quality hearing aid battery. At the same time, beware of the defective battery as it can reduce the life of your hearing aid as well. This is frustrating and equally dangerous as well and one needs to know a lot about these batteries like how to take care of them and how to get them to work as long as possible. What You Need To Know: There are numerous numbers of batteries brands are available in the market. When you are looking to shop for your hearing aid battery, keep in mind the brands like Rayovac and Energizer. The zinc-air and mercury are the types of hearing aid batteries. You must have noticed people use zinc-air batteries a lot because they are long-life as compared to the mercury one. Moreover, on the other hand, these mercury batteries are very harmful to the environment, so a day is not far when these mercury products will be banned completely in the coming future. Now, keep in mind, the hearing aid rechargeable batteries are also available in the market. We all know how expensive these hearing aids are and one should make sure that you use good hearing aid batteries to sustain the life of your hearing aid. Moreover, there are tips to keep in mind while installing new batteries in your hearing aids. Just allow the new batteries to ramp up in a minute or so before installing them. If you put the new battery into the hearing aid without giving any ramping time, it may signal the dead battery on your hearing aid. So, it is always advisable to wait for two minutes at least before replacing your battery. Moreover, there are certainly more things that you should need to know about hearing aid batteries: These batteries can run from 3 to 22 days and besides this, the type of hearing aid, battery type, capacity, and how often the hearing aid is used, are all the vital factors that play a main role in the long life of a battery. You are required to change batteries depending upon how often you are using your hearing aids. You should change the battery when you notice the below-written points: When the sound becomes distorted or you have to increase the volume more than normal at your hearing aid, is an indication for a battery replacement. When the “low battery” beep sound comes on, it is an indication that the battery replacement is required and should be changed. Make sure the seals are intact and it is a small sticky orange color tab on each battery in a package and these protective seals keep the battery from discharging power. Make sure you don’t remove the seals unless and until you are ready to use the battery. Battery Drainage Concept: The moment you remove the protective seals from the battery, it discharges power. By following the below-written tips, we can reduce the battery drainage easily and perfectly. When you are not using your hearing aid, keep it in off position. Moreover, if you are not using a hearing aid for a period of time get the battery out of it to help both the hearing aid as well as the battery itself. Don’t put them in extreme temperatures as it drains the battery and shortens its lifespan.