When you like everything to be simple for your bed, you can use a quilt cover like a washable pillowcase or a screen protector for your phone. Quilt covers are more than that, and it has different types. It is hard to choose the right one for your bedroom, and these are a few things that you have to consider.

The design

It is not necessarily that you buy quilt covers that are aesthetical. You have to know the right size of your bed and doona. It will be your top priority when you purchase quilt covers, as well as it matches your decor, cushions, or throws. However, the design for your quilt covers sets is much more profound. Those vintage quit covers have a different price than a waffle quilt cover. Whether it is a simple quilt cover or complicated weave, intricate, materials and many factors, it usually affects the price. If you like to have affordable quilt covers, you can buy queen quilt covers online as they have different designs.

The material

The quilt covers cotton, flannel, luxurious silk, and cotton blends. Since the prices will differ from the materials used in the quilt covers, so is the materials on how easy it is to clean. When you buy a thicker quilt cover set, it will add heat insulation to the doona, which is better to use during winter. You have to try a light quilt cover for summer. Also, you have to avoid buying delicate fabrics such as satin or silk when you have pets that you allow them to sleep beside you. When you dont like your beds sleeping in your bed, the best quilt covers are the vintage quilt sets. It is because it has a yarn-dyed design that covers the marks of your pet. You also have to consider your skin type condition. You have to buy a breathable natural fiber such as microfiber or cotton for sensitive skin.

The thread count

Understanding the thread count is the horizontal and vertical threads in every 10 cm square. The higher the thread count your quilt cover has, the softer and more expensive it is. However, there are more than that. Those quilt covers with a high thread count can trap the heat inside rather than let the air flow freely. A good quality low-thread duvet cover set with a fine yarn allows the air in and makes it easier to maintain because it has a soft feel.

Other details

You have to know other details about quilt cover sets on the market. It will depend on every design because other covers are versatile for washing machines and drying. And some duvet covers need to be pre-washed to avoid shrinking. You have to know how you can manage it without getting shrinking. When you handle it better, it lasts for years.