What are those basic tools that are regularly needed by anyone who makes Indian food? There are many answers just like there are many recipes in the Indian cuisine. However, a few items that is basic in nature helps in getting you through wide majority of recipes. If you possess a great passion for the galley and utensils then head straight to the portals. You can get a host of kitchenware including tandoor or the oven, a flat tava that is hard anodized, sev sancha or the noodle extruder, sansi or pot handler, skimmer or the jara and paneer maker. For stirring purposes the Indian spatula or the palta can also be found. Here is a list of items you can find online. The ideal handi If you want to buy Indian Kitchen Utensils in USA then you must purchase the copper heavy bottom handi. This is a staple utensil in every restaurant and household in India. They are super useful because Indian dishes can be served like non-veg dishes, vegetable curries, pulao, rice and biriyani. Thus, if you are holding brunches away from homes or dinners then you must make the handi a part of your galley because Indian style authentic dishes can be loving prepared and served in it. The food stays piping hot for longer durations. It is mostly because copper is present a layer outside where heat can be retained for longer durations. Multi-tasking spice container Indian food is all about the colorful and aromatic spices. It just does not have many cases inside but also is very functional. Hence, if you are purchasing any of the Indian Kitchen Utensils in USA then this spice box has to be there. For people who may be unfamiliar with the box then it is to let you know that this box is an all purpose one where the turmeric, cumin, coriander and the chili powder can be stored. The traditional container made of stainless steel come with lids and keeps the cooking spices fresh. The bowls are small and seven in number an there are spoons too. Hard griddle tava Indian Cooking Utensils Online in USA has to include an anodized tava with griddle and the handle is made of plastic. It is heavy gauge and you can use it for making puris, parathas, and chapattis as well. The pan is scratch-resistant as well as against pitting and corrosion. It has some unique properties like it is non-corrosive and non-toxic. Hence, if you are searching for that perfect companion in the kitchen then this tava can be an addition of an excellent kind. This pan is made up of heavy gauge virgin aluminum and while one is cooking the heat diffuses quickly. Whatever kind of food is being cooked turns up fast and is crispy. The kadai A pot that is very wok like is a necessity because the dish has to be cooked in it. It resembles like a wok but only with deeper sides. It is used for those kinds of dishes that need constant stirring and it is quite heavy bottomed. The bottom is plated with copper and helps in the distribution of oil as well as heat as evenly and quickly as possible, when cooking happens. It can either be used for every day cooking, sauteing and stir-frying. Encourage the avid cook in you To find all the items mentioned above and even more then you must fulfill your desires with zifiti.com. There are many other items like the skimmer for deep frying and you can easily drain items from pans and pots. You can find the heavy-duty noodle extruder for making delicious menus that can be arranged on your dining table.