Most of the wood finishing products are applied with the help of brushes. You can easily get the information in the label on how to apply the finish. But, this does not mean you will get a professional finish by just sloping on the brush on the item that you want to apply finish on. As the individual products may differ in the terms of application and drying times, you can read the label carefully. This will let you get great results. Here are few basic tips and pointers that will help you get the quality finish you are looking for: Check the type of brush you use If you are using a cheap brush, you will get a cheap-looking finish. So, use a quality brush with synthetic bristles for waterborne finishes. If you take care of the brushes, they will last for long. Keep a close look at the temperature and humidity Both temperature and humidity play a vital role in affecting how the product like Mohawk lacquer or any other products goes on the wood. It will determine how it sucks up the product, and how long the finish takes to dry up. Applying a finishing product in high or low temperature may result in cloudy or a hazy finish. According to experts, the optimum temperature to conduct this job is to keep the temperature between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the humidity is over 50%, it may affect the drying time. In high humid conditions, wood swells and dry up and may ruin your project. So, you should pay attention to both these factors. Dust The Mohawk finishing products will yield you great results only when the area where the finish is to be applied is completely clean. Clean everything and let the dust settle before you work on the finish. Sanding Sanding is also an important activity that will yield good finishing results. This activity will take time but will yield good results. Sanding and buffing will help erase any brush marks left on the surface. Test beforehand You should test the products you are using beforehand so that you are assured it will not damage your beautiful piece of wood.