It is always good to remember that Oakley glasses is different from other brands, especially with the new low cost that is breaking into the market while making no mistake. The quality of these brands is proven to be even harmful to the vision. One of the features of Oakley glasses is a removable lens. Their use extends the service life of glasses: worn out optics can be replaced with a new one or choose the color of lenses that best suits their conditions of use. The manufacturer offers a wide range of filters, which will enable you to select the best color balance and contrast for specific lighting conditions. Blue lenses are used for bright or medium illumination. They do not distort shades, and improve contrast. Yellow is great for unfavorable weather: snow, twilight, fog. Their purpose is to increase the contrast, since the yellow color creates the effect of clarified optics. Transparent lenses are suitable for any lighting and are used to protect the eyes. Dark polarizing lenses are used as sunscreens that can absorb glare from surfaces. All lenses are made of reliable polycarbonate, do not crack and do not break. Are capable to sustain fragments of quickly moving particles. Protection against Blows and Plutonite┬« Oakley lenses have passed tests in extreme circumstances to ensure a higher level of protection. The material of the lenses and the geometry of the frames guarantee protection against shocks with objects of great mass at high speed. Oakley’s Plutonite filters 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nm. Eyeglass Frames with Oakley Glasses To justify the manufacturer chose the best materials that only can be on our planet. Imagine even using innovations in the field of astronautics! For example, the frames of ultralight models of the Oakley Elite line are made of carbon fibers. Also used are high-quality alloys, metals with memory effect and the latest synthetic materials. If the Earth does not yet have the materials that Oakley needs to make the next line, the brand engineers are developing them on their own. Oakley’s eyeglass frames are most often made from a proprietary patented O-Matter material. This strong and flexible material is not afraid of low temperatures and ultraviolet, which makes it possible to use it in ski optics. Each of the frames is carefully designed to achieve maximum ergonomics and achieve an accurate fit. Special Coating Iridium on Oakley Glasses Pigments for Oakley colored glass are added during the production of the polymer. Sometimes on the lenses you can notice an unusual mirror coating Iridium, which is used to muffle the glare of the light and give a greater contrast to the lens. The coating with a layer thickness of only 12 nm has a high scratch resistance. Photocromatic Lenses Oakley HDO’s patented innovations are combined with photochromic technology to create Oakley’s photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses automatically adjust as the exposure to ultraviolet rays increases: they darken when the sunlight is more intense. The lenses contain patented dyes that darken, or activate, when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight. When the sun loses intensity and the ultraviolet rays decrease, the lenses clear again and recover their original color.