Online Shopping TipsOnline Shopping Tips – for simple tips and tricks on how to shop better and faster online Online shopping is not something that is hard or tough. In fact, on the contrary, online shopping is meant to be and is, convenient and easy. However, there are a few tips that seasoned shoppers make a habit out of which makes sure that it is easy to find the products you are looking for online at the best price available online. In this article we’ll talk about: Identifying products easily Using landing pages Buying guides & blogs Identifying Product A part of every online shopping website will be the product pages. Each online shopping website sells you products, and each product will have a dedicated page where information about the products are shown. This is the product page. However, to get to this product page is not easy, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Since going through endless pages having a never-ending assortment of products can be tiring. The only way to get around this, of course, is to have as small a product assortment to go through and choose from, as possible. For this, you’ll need to use the panel on the left, which lets you filter out products which you think are not relevant. You can filter out products as per the category and the sub-category you think are irrelevant. You can also choose to filter out products as per the price that you think is not relevant. You might not think this helps but these options can help in drastically reducing the product assortment that you will need to go through and thus help in finding what you want easily. Using Landing Pages Anything other than product pages, or product assortments, which contain multiple products arranged one after the other is known as a landing page. They contain information, selected (a small amount of) products & more! Landing pages are not something that you should just ignore: They’re an easy reference about the category you are exploring Will let you see the top products at a glance from many sub-categories Show you great deals that you won’t find anywhere else on the website So, for all these benefits and more, if you do happen to chance upon a landing page, be sure that if it is about the category you are looking at, then to go through it; since the products assortment will be in an easy to browse structure on a landing page. Buying Guides or Blogs The next essential component you should familiarise yourself with is the buying guides or blogs every site has. Since buying online is still a relatively new endeavour for many, websites always have either blogs or buying guides which contain information about the best practices for shopping online for that particular category. They are also a good source of product information & also may contain hard to find deals & discounts! So, checking out a few might be worth the effort.