The  benefits of using ecological games affect both the environment and children. As far as the environment is concerned, buying and using games of this type means reducing one’s  ecological footprint : by their nature, toys made of natural and recycled materials are more durable and sustainable than traditional games My Happy Helpers balance bikes.

Among the eco-friendly toys that can be used in a kindergarten there are, for example, trains with rails, rocking horses and puzzles. With the train tracks, children can create ever-changing tracks, thus stimulating their imagination and imagination.

The rocking horse can be used by children in the first year of kindergarten to improve coordination and develop better control of their movements.

A puzzle allows you to improve manual skills and mental skills; those in wood have rounded edges and are more resistant. Eco-friendly toys made from recycled cardboard

Among the ecological toys to use in kindergarten there are those made with recyclable cardboard. The advantages deriving from the use of these products are many, in addition to the fact that they have a positive impact on the environment.

One of the main strengths of a recycled cardboard toy is its significantly lower weight than other products. In this way there will be no risk, on the part of the educators of a kindergarten, that a child gets hurt by using the product.

Furthermore, the recycled cardboard toys can be folded and placed in small places so they are also the ideal solution to optimize space. Furthermore, these products can be colored and decorated on the surface.

Among the eco-friendly cardboard toys there are buildings, dollhouses and much more.

The constructions are perfect for developing manual skills and increasing spatial skills as well as fostering fantasy and imagination as it will be possible to create ever-changing structures.

The dollhouses, on the other hand, are the ideal solution to learn how to manage the spaces available.

Eco-friendly toys: modeling clay and organic cotton.

Modeling clay can be made in salt. This solution is perfect for children to play in the first year of kindergarten as it does not create problems if it is ingested.

The modeling clay is perfect for developing the creativity of children who can have fun creating always different shapes using the special molds but it allows them to improve the sense of touch trying to model the toy in the preferred way.

In addition to the manual skills that can be improved with the use of modeling clay, it should be remembered that touching the product with your hand also allows you to calm children as it has a relaxing power.