How many times have you woken up and looked into the wardrobe and asked yourself, ‘What on earth am I going to wear today?’ And then found yourself thinking, ‘I have nothing to wear? And then screamed in your head about how much time you need to spend just deciding what to wear, or finding a hijab which matches the shirt, or even just finding an outfit to look smart but modest? This is every Muslim women’s nightmare and it really affects your productivity. In this article, we’re going to look at practical tips to organize your wardrobe so you can say goodbye to time wasted on just deciding what to wear. Look Good, Feel Productive As a modest Islamic fashion brand, we really believe in ‘look good, feel good! Black Islamic Kimono There’s a natural improved sense of productivity when we feel positive about our image and especially when others notice it by complimenting. Research also shows the positive impact looking good can have on our emotions and esteem. Therefore we should strive to ‘look good and feel productive.’ Every Muslim woman has her own style or ‘look’ so this article isn’t about the style. Rather, it is about using these wardrobe Hacks to get productive and get your wardrobe organized so you don’t face this time-stealing “what to wear dilemma” every morning. Wardrobe Hack #1: Organise Clothes into Compartments Wardrobe Firstly, to be productive, you have to get that wardrobe organized! Smart Vs Casual Organize your modest Islamic clothing according to the type of usage it has, differentiates the smart or formal wears from casual wears. This way you can easily get the dress according to the occasion very easily. Coordinate Colours Organise your clothes in a way that similar colors and shades are in the same place. This way, you will be able to quickly match your outfit with the right hijab shade! This also means that you could see what colors you have already for any future shopping trips where you can buy new shades. Seasonal Wear Update your wardrobe and give it a revamp every time the season changes. This means packing away the summer dresses and getting the scarves and knitwear out during winter. This will also create more room in the cupboard and ensure you have the right kind of clothes for that time of year. Some items of clothing which we tend to need every winter are worth investing more money into. De-clutter Regularly! De-cluttering has a positive impact on you mentally and spiritually since we shouldn’t be attached to material things. Just see how much better you feel after a de-clutter session. Wardrobe Hack #2: Decide the Night Before Islamic Women Thinking One of the most common reasons women are running late for work or something else is probably the indecisiveness on what to wear! This means you need to think about the appropriate outfit and decide the night before. Depending on the engagement, choose a smart or casual look. If you don’t have any formal arrangement, then go for a more relaxed dress code. For a corporate environment, women may need to wear smart as it reflects your organizational culture. Once you’ve decided, iron it and get it ready on a hanger. Trust us, this will make your morning much more productive and smooth as you chuck on clothes instead of searching through the wardrobe when you’ve got a meeting to run to. Wardrobe Hack #3: Invest in Multipurpose Clothes Kimono Haiqah What this means is buying items that you know you can make use of on more than one occasion, such as a Floral Abaya which is elegant and understated for both wedding or work evening functions. Other multipurpose buys include colors you know you often wear so that you can match them up with clothes you wear often. For women who wear the Abaya, buy the type that can be worn comfortably in certain weathers/occasions, such as open jacket Abayas for the summer or weddings as well as shawls/capes to throw over when in a rush or on an evening out. So there you have it. These are the top three wardrobe modest Islamic fashion hacks for a Productive woman. We hope you will use them to boost your productivity, quit wasting time the next time you look in the closet to decide what to wear and look good to be productive!